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Amazon Store Card The Amazon Store Card gives you instant purchasing power and several great financing options. It takes about 60 seconds to sign up and the approval process is immediate. You then have the ability to buy anything from their online store immediately! This is one of the reasons that the Amazon store credit card is so popular. Furthermore, you have up to 6 months to pay before you owe any interest, which makes this a great way to finance larger up front purchases like household appliances or holiday gifts. Many people prefer to have this direct line of store credit as opposed to the additional hassle or fees that may come with a traditional credit card. Store Card Benefits

  • Sign-Up Bonus: For a limited time this card offers a $10 sign-up bonus which is credited immediately to the balance of the account.
  • Buy Instantly: After submitting the online application you will get a response in as little as 30 seconds. You then have immediate credit and purchasing ability.
  • No Annual Fee: The card is completely free with no yearly fees or anything to pay at signup.
  • Fraud Protection: You are protected from any unauthorized charges made to your card.
  • Special Financing Options: Depending on how much you spend Amazon offers the following special financing options:
    • 6 Month Financing: on any purchases of $149 or more
    • 12 Month Financing: on any purchases of $599 or more
    • 24 Month Financing: on special selected items
  • Additional Special Offers: Amazon offers exclusive financing options for certain items like HDTV's, computers, cameras, and more. See the Store Card sign-up page for the latest details.

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I applied this week to get a line of credit for the holidays. My husband usually gets a holiday bonus around the middle of December and this gives us flexibility to buy gifts now and pay for them later within the 6-month window without interest. In the last two years we've started buying almost half of the Christmas gifts for our family on amazon. We've gotten into the habit of asking our family to create their own wish lists and buying stuff online saves us tons of time driving around and waiting in lines.


I've had the amazon store card for about 2 years. It has high interest rates but the main useful advantage is the payment flexibility... if you pay it off before the end of the term it is great because it gives you a about a year to pay on anything over $600 with no interest or extra charges, as long as you pay it off before the end of the 12 months. After that you have to pay interest on the entire term, so make sure to to be aware of this when purchasing. If you are the type that always pays the cards off then this is a great program...


I just googled "Amazon Store Card" to find a quick link to the login so I can pay my bill. Anyway, on the results page, my eye happened to catch a few links to sites with bad reviews of this card; the reality could not be farther from the truth. I guess it's true what they say, you can make 100 people happy and the word will only get spread to one person but if you make one person mad, they'll spread the word to 100 people.

I'm not an Amazon Lover or anything but what's fair is fair and I thought I should post (on those other sites, and also this one which seems to have good reviews) an honest opininon of the card.

The only thing mildy bad about this card is the customer service. But if you're not prepared to spend a little extra time making a customer service rep in another country understand your problem, then you probably shouldn't have credit cards in the first place--or stick to Discover who's all about USA reps (love them for that). With that said, even if your problem is not translating correctly, ask for a supervisor (whose English skills are usually better) and they will 9-times-out-of-10 fix the problem, even if it's your fault. I've called and gotten late fees wiped by saying, "but I posted a payment. I don't know what happened!"

The card itself is...a store card. You can't use it in Macy's or at 7-Eleven. But Amazon has just about everything that those stores do except hot coffee. I guess the best thing about it is that it's easy credit. My credit was wrecked until I repaired it. Then for the rebuilding phase I started with store cards. Got CFNA easy even though I don't buy a lot of tires, waited a few months for that to appear on my report and applied for Amazon and crossed fingers (remember, at this point there was just a $400 Firestone Tire card showing). Bingo! $1100 limit. Then months later, I was upped to $3300.

They were a great stepping-stone (now I have excellent credit and cards from major banks, car loans, a mortgage, etc.). I use the card weekly to get everything from cat food to human food to pillows, to PlayStation games, whatever. They have it all and 99.9% of the time it's at the lowest price. I paid (optional) $79 (I think) for Amazon Prime so I don't have to worry about shipping charges every time I shop and the Prime even upgrades me to free 2-day shipping on everything. So unless you need something like TODAY, you never even need to leave the house with this thing, LOL.

What else? I guess that's's not a points card, it doesn't have super-low interest rated so pay your bill in full every month to avoid interest--I should mention that they usually have special finance rates for items over $100 or $200 bucks. So if you're buying a box of cereal you will pay a relatively-high interest rate but if you buy a TV you will have a low rate (usually 0% for a limited time) which will give you time to pay it down and avoid interest.

Best thing about it? You don't even have to pull out the card whenever you order. It is auto-linked to your account so whenever you shop you just choose it as a payment method and you're done (I guess that can be a bad thing too LOL).

So if you need a store card to rebuild credit or if you want a store card that sells everything under the sun, get it. And pay your balances in full so you don't get into credit trouble.


This is absolutely the WORST CARD THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

I have spent many hours trying to deal with their mistakes.

1 - They apply my payment of $52.27 to the other card on my account

2 - They acknowledge their mistake and put the payment back on my card.

3 - They cancel both cards and confirm that both have a zero balance

4 - They send me a letter saying that the other card now has a balance of $52.27

5 - I call again, and they say that the other card has a zero balance, but I have a credit of $26.50 on the main card. I have no idea where that comes from, but they say they are sending me a check.

6 - Here I am after two weeks of trying to figure out what they are doing, hoping they are not going to screw up again.


A. They make it very hard to pay except by giving them access to your checking account. Sorry, they can't be trusted, obviously.

B. It is extremely hard to communicate with them. There is no chat function on their website, and their phone system sends you through a long run-around before you are able to talk to a person.


It really depends on why you are getting a card. I wanted to help improve my credit score and since I already buy a ton of stuff from Amazon this was a great tool for me. It is automatically applied every time I buy anything, which takes about two clicks. THen I can approve the payment every month from my bank account, and usually pay it in full, but if I ever couldn't I'd have the option to pay less, so I like the flexibility.

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